Who will Pat Robertson endorse now?

Now we know what Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani meant.


Rudy won’t even make it to the New York primary.

For months, I’ve had a friendly debate with our columnist Noreen O’Donnell about Giuliani’s chances of winning the Republican nomination.

1a531aba-4a49-4246-90d6-91873d03bf7f_ms.jpegNoreen believed that in the post-9/11 world, Rudy had the credibility to go all the way. She was won over by the argument that social conservatives would see the war on terror as the greatest “moral” struggle of the day, surpassing even abortion.

I couldn’t see it. I just didn’t see how a pro-choice, gay-friendly, thrice-married New Yorker could win over large numbers of conservative evangelicals and conservative Catholics, a large hunk of the folks who vote in GOP primaries. (I was certainly influenced by interviewing evangelical and Catholic analysts, who couldn’t imagine a formula for Rudy to win.)

But I’m not gloating this morning, Noreen.

It’s hard to say that Rudy’s transformation from GOP front-runner to Ron Paul-sized afterthought had much to do with his positions on “moral values” issues. It sure looks like he fizzled right out because he was a lousy candidate.

Gary Stern

Gary Stern covered education in the Lower Hudson Valley for several years during the early 1990s. Now's he back on the beat. He believes that schools are one of the main reasons that people live around here and that educational issues -- from curriculum to financing -- are among the most challenging things that journalists can write about. He continues to be amazed by the complexity of educational jargon. Gary got his B.A. at SUNY Buffalo and his M.A. from the University of Missouri Journalism School (where his master's thesis was about the best ways to cover education). He lives in White Plains with his wife and two sons, who attend public schools.