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Religious groups quiet on ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Posted by: Gary Stern - Posted in Grant Theft Auto, Religious group protests, Religous groups and Grand Theft Auto on May 27, 2008

Religious groups, of course, protest just about anything.

Every day, I sign on to my email and get at least a few emails of complaint.

So it surprises me that there has been little — any? — religious outrage over Grand Theft Auto. Lot of groups have protested against the incredibly violent video game — police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and prostitutes among them (the game allows interaction between prostitutes and clients and alludes to the rape of prostitutes).

0602755600.jpgTo be clear, I’ve never played the game (or seen it). But based on what I’ve read about its contents, I’m simply surprised that the religion world hasn’t taken notice. Religious groups complain about a lot less. And GTA, you would think, would be a target that liberals and conservatives could agree upon.

It’s worth noting for those disconnected from the video game world that Grand Theft Auto is not some fringe game. It is incredibly popular. GTA 4 wracked up $500 million in sales during its first week this month. By comparison, the Iron-Man movie took in $100 million during its first weekend.

There must be some religious protests out there. But where?