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Back-tithing rumors true?

Posted by: Gary Stern - Posted in Archbishop of New York, Creative Minority Report on Feb 03, 2009

Rumors are flying once again that the pope’s naming of a new archbishop of NY is coming soon.

The unorthodox, yet orthodox Catholic blog Creative Minority Report has a pretty funny take on it, given the news of the day in Washington.

Check it out.



2 Responses to “Back-tithing rumors true?”

  1. matt

    We prefer the unorthodox orthodox Catholic blog ;) Thanks for noticing us.

  2. David

    I really hope that it is Abp. Chaput or Abp. Dolan. We need a good, orthodox bishop who isn’t afraid of teaching the Magesterium, yes I know that I may have spelled that wrong. I have had no problem with His Eminence as the Cardinal Archbishop of NY. From what I have learned, both as a member of the Archdiocese, and as a follower of Catholic Blogs, that the Archbishop had no problem dropping anything that he could to celebrate the funeral for his priests, unless he was out of the country. Also, when he came to my parish for the 150th anniversary in 2002, he regretted having to leave, and remember him saying that.

    I will sorely miss His Eminence, but am looking forward with a happy heart and an open mind to whoever His Holiness places in my beloved Archdiocese…

    as long as hes not Italian:)

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