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Episcopal Diocese of NY nominates five for bishop, including married lesbian priest

Posted by: Gary Stern - Posted in Episcopal Diocese of New York, gay marriage, Gay marriage in New York on Aug 29, 2011

Here’s hoping you haven’t had too much damage from Irene.

Like every reporter, I’ve been driving around the past few days checking out the floods and downed trees and talking to exasperated people who don’t know when they’ll get power back.

But it appears that things could have been worse.

Otherwise…an interesting development from the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

You may know that Bishop Mark Sisk will retire over the next few years. The diocese has started a process to choose his successor. This morning, a committee announced the names of five nominees, one of which will be chosen by delegates to a diocesan convention on Oct. 29.

One of the nominees is the Rev. Tracey Lind of Cleveland, who is dean of Trinity Cathedral there. She is also a lesbian who got married in New Hampshire last year.

For obvious reasons, Lind’s election would be big news.

Although the Episcopal Church is very gay-friendly—and this is especially true of the Diocese of NY—many are still uncomfortable with gay marriage. In fact, Bishop Sisk supported the passage of civil gay marriage and has been an outspoken advocate for gays in the church, but does not believe that his priests should perform marriages for gay couples. Instead, he supports “clergy who wish to bless a couple who are members of the Church and who have entered into a same-sex civil marriage.”

If Lind was chosen bishop, would the Catholic Church send anyone to her installation?

Maybe we’ll find out. Maybe we won’t. Lind was also a candidate to become bishop of Chicago in 2007, but was not chosen.

You can read about the other nominees here.

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3 Responses to “Episcopal Diocese of NY nominates five for bishop, including married lesbian priest”

  1. Rev. Barbara Sexton

    After 21+ years ‘exposure’ to LGBT 24/7 as a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC) aka ‘the Obama/Wright church’...I saw through the ‘sociosexual political posturing’ going on when a UCC lesbian minister droned on and on during Worship, from the pulpit in our CT ‘Pilgrim Church’...about how her ‘suffering for being a lesbian made her feel so very Christ-like’. I’m sorry, but this fair approaches blasphemy in my estimation! Her argument is no more valid than if I were to say, ‘My being a married,straight female who has birthed a child makes me more _(fill in the blank) in order merely to self-aggrandize and ‘qualify’ myself. Since that same LGBT cadre usurped the UCC pulpit-universal, seeking to electioneer for one then-Senator Barack Obama (again during Worship, google ‘Synod 2007’),I am quite leery of those who use their sexuality/race/proclivities/etc. to ‘bolster’ their suitabilities to ‘serve’ the religious community. Of course, the Catholic church will never openly condone any of this and liberal Episcopal and UCC churches and others will never really care that they don’t receive their ‘approval’. I say save the sexuality discussions for church meetings, special meetings and away from Worship hours. I am beginning to regret being the ‘moderate-conservative’ on the O & A Committee who ‘convinced’ so many in our congregation to ‘vote YES’ to become ‘Open & Affirming’. It’s been a disaster for the church (which I belong to now only on paper) Interesting blog, Gary; glad I found it. Btw we had an awful time here in CT with Irene & a rather negligent CL&P!Blessings-Rev. Barbara Sexton ‘Dear Ones Healing Ministry’

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  3. Bert

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