Signing off

I guess it’s obvious from my lack of posts so far this year that I am no longer blogging religiously.

But I wanted to officially sign off and say thanks for reading. I wrote 2,383 posts over several years and enjoyed doing it.

I’m too busy covering education these days to give this blog anywhere near the attention it deserves. Plus, I’ve been off the religion beat long enough that I no longer have the insight or sources to offer a “New York point of view” on religion news.

I know some people found this blog from my “Faithbeat” Twitter account. I set up that account while I was still covering religion full-time (and when I was writing a weekly column called “FaithBeat.”) I linked the Twitter account to my blog — but also intended to Tweet religion news. But then I lost the religion beat and the Twitter thing never got going.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope to cover religion again, in some form, in the future. For now, I’m focused on test scores, teacher evaluations, school budgets and the strange mix of acronyms that drive education news.