‘Let them be guided by Your merciful hand…’

Archbishop Demetrios, the NYC-based head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the U.S., offered the prayer of invocation at the DNC yesterday. I didn’t see it, but here’s the text:

demetrios.jpgLet us bow our heads in prayer.

Almighty God, the Giver of all that is good and true and noble, we bow our heads before You in thanksgiving for bringing us together at this Democratic National Convention. We offer thanks to You for the great gift of liberty and for the privilege of being residents and citizens of a nation that is called to be a model of justice, peace, and the rule of law. As we give thanks for these blessings, we humbly beseech You, Lord, to remember all of those who have given their lives in defense of these ideals over the course of our Nation’s history, so that through their sacrifices we may partake of the fruits of freedom which we enjoy today.
Guide the work of all the delegates who have assembled here as they vigorously promote the institutions of our democracy. Remember, Lord, Your servants who will be nominated as candidates for the highest offices of our land. Bless them and grant them strength and wisdom, as they work for our nation, and for its great mission among the nations of the Earth. Let them be guided by Your merciful hand, and thus contribute to the peace, prosperity, and security of our country and our world; for You are the source of these great blessings, and to You belong glory and thanksgiving, now and forever and ever. Amen.

McCain says ‘another time’ to Billy Graham

If it’s true that John McCain is losing support among many Christian groups (see below), this is hard to understand.

tjndc5-5b5onz2r46chgvwsezi_layout.jpgDoug Wead, a presidential historian who advised President Bush’s 2000 campaign, writes on Newsmax that the McCain campaign has declined an invitation to meet with Billy Graham.

Graham, of course, has had close ties with Republican presidents going back to the Book of Genesis.

Wead — who was involved in the effort to set up a McCain/Graham meeting — says that Graham’s camp got back what sounds like a form letter:

Thank you for your kind letter offering to set up a personal meeting between Senator McCain and Dr. Billy Graham.

Senator McCain appreciates your invitation and the valuable opportunity it represents.

Unfortunately, I must pass along our regrets and do not foresee an opportunity to add this event to the calendar.

demetrios.jpgSo McCain sought John Hagee’s endorsement, but won’t meet with America’s Favorite Preacher?

Tomorrow, McCain is paying a visit to NYC, though, to greet Archbishop Demetrios (that’s him), head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

The Greek vote counts, too.