Just a few second of quiet, please, Wolf…

Christianity Today’s election blog reminds me of a funny moment from the end of the DNC last might.

I was flipping around the different news channels (comparing and contrasting pundits) after Obama finished and landed on CNN right around the time that megachurch pastor Joel Hunter was starting the benediction. One of the CNN pundits suggested that everyone hush up for a few second because it was, after all, the final benediction.

images7.jpegNot more than two or three second went by before Wolf Blitzer started yapping again. It had the timing of a comedy routine.

I’m assuming that Wolf wasn’t paying attention when his colleague urged just a few moments of quiet for prayer time.

Christianity Today’s Sarah Pulliam also reports that Hunter had a brief chat with Billy Graham, seeking advice for the benediction.

Hunter said of Graham: “He’s so frail, he can’t hear right now, so his assistant was the one who sat down with him. It takes him a while now to communicate. His assistant was the one who was telling me all of this.

“He said he’d be praying for me, and he’ll be watching.”