It’s Christmas at Guideposts

I got a laugh from Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan’s “editor’s note” in the most recent Guideposts magazine.

Guideposts, the “inspirational” Christian publishing company started by Norman Vincent Peale, is headquartered in Carmel.

Grinnan writes: “If it’s August, it’s Christmas. Because of editorial lead times, this is when we start working on our December issue (we usually kick off the production month with a plate of Christmas cookies in the conference room). This year our editorial plate is particularly full. In addition to the usual December issue, we’re putting together a separate holiday edition of Guideposts called The Joys of Christmas 2009, which will be a compendium of your favorite Christmas pieces, plus more of the warm and inspiring stories of the season you’ll love to read and share.”

Makes you want to take out a sweater.

Grinnan signs off with a “Merry Christmas!”