Reconciliation on same-sex marriage? Well…

Can the Rev. C. Welton Gaddy come up with something like a compromise position on same-sex marriage?

He’s tried, in a new paper called Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom.

Gaddy, the head of the Interfaith Alliance, says: “My purpose in writing this paper is as simple as the subject of the paper is complex. I want to find a way for people with contradictory beliefs, religions, values and opinions to live together without violating the basic nature of our democracy.  I am motivated by confidence in the power of religion to affect reconciliation, and I am also a patriot who embodies the unwavering commitment to freedom and justice integral to the American experience.”

Here’s the thing, though: Gaddy supports same-sex marriage.

Having given his paper a quick once-over, I can’t help thinking that those who support same-sex marriage will like his reasoning.

Those who don’t will find it lacking.

In his paper, Gaddy writes:


Regardless of what happens next in Iowa or in any other state, I remain committed to dialogue about and efforts to find support for two fundamental convictions related to the assurance of equality in law and independence for religion: all citizens should have equal access to civil marriage and to the benefits of marriage provided for citizens in this government. Couples who desire religious marriage can seek a house of worship in which to receive that blessing. But, as is the case now, no house of worship would be legally obligated to provide marriage for a couple whom it does not want to bless. All houses of worship should be free to advocate for, defend and perpetuate the view of marriage that is consistent with their religious traditions and convictions.