Advent/Christmas concert at Dunwoodie

Yes, holiday concerts are coming.

For example…the 23rd Annual Advent-Christmas Concert of Sacred Music at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers will be held on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 5 at 3 p.m.

According to a release: “Conducting the choir will be Dr. Jennifer Pascual, professor of music at Dunwoodie.  She is the current holder of the Monsignor Richard B. Curtin and Reverend Anthony D. Sorgie Chair in Sacred Music and Art, an endowed academic chair in place at the seminary.  In addition, she is director of music at the Cathedral of St. Patrick.”

Among selections that will be performed are “ Midnight Mass for Christmas” by Marc–Antoine Charpentier.

Tickets are $30 — which includes a reserved seat and a post-concert reception. Tickets should be available at the door.

For information, call the Seminary Music Office at 914-968-6200, ext. 8308 or email:

Dolan unsure of priest morale problem

Today, Archbishop Dolan gets to the real inside stuff.

He’ll hold the first of two meetings with the priests of the archdiocese — at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers.

Tomorrow he meets with the Priests Council at Dunwoodie.

The morale of the Catholic priests of New York has been a much discussed subject in recent years. I’ve had many priests tell me of their disenchantment with Cardinal Egan’s leadership — and of a general sense of the New York church being “out at sea” in recent years.

At Dolan’s press conference last week, hours before his installation, I asked him about priestly morale and what he could do to pick his priests up.

His answer was quite interesting.

He said that priests get a bad rap for having poor morale. Even priests, he said, seem to think that their brother priests are feeling low.

But Dolan said he hasn’t seen evidence of low morale. He seemed to think that he’s fighting a perception problem.

I just wonder if priests show their brightest sides to their new archbishop. Who wants to complain to the new boss?

Regardless, every priest I’ve communicated with in recent weeks has been buoyed by Dolan’s choice, arrival and presence. He may be able to lift morale without even trying.

Additionally, the new boss has started to schedule visits to the 19 vicariates — or regions — of the archdiocese.

At each stop, he’ll have dinner with clergy, lead a prayer service and visit with folks at a reception, not unlike what Egan did for the bicentennial of the archdiocese.

What we know so far:

April 27: St. Joseph’s Church, Kingston (for Ulster County)

May 5: St. Francis of Assisi, West Nyack (Rockland County)

May 20:  Sacred Heart Church, Newburgh (Orange County)

June 1: St. Mary’s Church, Wappingers Falls (Dutchess County)