Exorcism show in the works (will Linda Blair be a consultant on how to play possessed?)

Back in November, there was something of a media frenzy when word got out that the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference was holding a conference to train potential exorcists.

I blogged at the time about the popularity of all things exorcism-related and wondered if there could be a reality TV show in the future about devil-hunting.

I joked: “Next on E: Get Me an Exorcist!”

Of course, in this culture where televised truth really, truly is stranger than fiction, such a TV show may be in the works.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Discovery Channel is preparing a show called The Exorcist Files, which “will recreate stories of real-life hauntings and demonic possession, based on cases investigated by the Catholic Church.”

I don’t know whether recreations count as reality TV. But I guess it would be difficult to get camera crews inside wherever actual exorcisms take place.

EW also reports that the Vatican has approved the project — which didn’t sound likely.

John Allen reports that the Vatican is denying any involvement.

But the show goes on. I still prefer my title: Get Me an Exorcist!