Wrapping up ’08

I’m back. Happy New Year.

I got to catch up with a lot of reading while I was off. I’ll share some of the good stuff over the next couple of days.

My FaithBeat column from two days ago was about the top religion stories of ’08. Give it a read, if you might.

Last week, our photographers put together a real nice feature on their “Lasting Impressions” from ’08. Their favorite assignments.

They’re all interesting, but you might want to take a look at the segments done by Mark Vergari, Joe Larese and Peter Carr, all of whom focused on their experiences covering Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to New York.

Go HERE, and either enjoy the whole thing or go the main menu and look for the pope stuff.

That picture is Mark’s, by the way…

For my next trick

Last week, I started my new weekly religion column, called FaithBeat.

I mused about the difficulty of pigeonholing “Catholics.”

For column #2, which ran/posted Saturday, I tried to explain what “civil” marriage means to people on both sides of the gay marriage debate.

Give it a looksy, if you may….

What subject can I attempt to demystify next week? The War on Christmas, perhaps…