White Plains church faces gambling scandal

A lot of readers are commenting about our coverage over the weekend of the gambling scandal at Our Lady of Sorrows R.C. Church in White Plains.

tjndc5-5jdimmov8qpb2esyx3_layout.jpgIf you haven’t seen it, the church’s longtime pastor, the Rev. Patrick Dunne, apparently stole a lot of parish money to pay for gambling debts.

The chancellor of the Archdiocese of NY, Monsignor William Belford (that’s him), spoke about the situation at all Masses at the church this past weekend — after the archdiocese was contacted Friday by the Journal News/LoHud.

Having read most of the comments on LoHud, as well as emails to me and today’s follow-up article, is seems that a lot of parishioners are urging forgiveness for Father Dunne.

One parishioner wrote:

Although parishioners were told that Father Dunne would not be coming back, I would be happy to see him back here after treatment, only without check-writing power. Aside from this flaw, he was a good priest and did good work. Many of his sermons were about forgiveness and compassion and he deserves the same given back to him.

A very Christian response, no doubt.

Others were concerned about a lack of oversight. Through the years, many Catholics have mentioned their concerns to me about money management in their parishes (not about misdeeds, but the potential for problems). I’m sure a lot of people will be watching to see what the Westchester DA’s office, which is investigating Father Dunne, will find.