American Jews heavily ‘just Jewish,’ Democrat and pessimistic on peace

The American Jewish Committee’s Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion is out.

Here’s how American Jews ID themselves Jewishly: “Just Jewish,” 36%: Reform, 27%; Conservative, 24%; Orthodox, 9%; Reconstructionist, 2%; “not sure” (you always have them), 1%.

You have to figure that those Just Jewish folks make up a large part of the 50% of American Jews who do not belong to synagogues.

On the question of “How important would you say being Jewish is in your own life?,” the responses broke down like this: Very, 51%; Fairly, 33%; Not Very, 15%; and Not Sure, 1%.

How close do American Jews feel to Israel?: Very close, 28%; Fairly close, 41%; Fairly distant, 22%; Very distant, 8%; Not sure, 1%.

And how do the Jews break down politically:? Democrat, 53%; Independent, 30%; Republican, 16%; Not sure, 1%.

And on the Middle East…

“Do you think there will or will not come a time when Israel and its Arab neighbors will be able to settle their differences and live in peace?”

Will, 43%; Will not, 51%, Not sure, 6%.

And get this:

“Would you support or oppose Israel taking military action against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons?”

Support, 66%; Oppose, 28%; Not sure, 5%.