QB gunslinger, also Catholic

tjndc5-5j16avw3z9wkbdewo5g_layout1.jpgIn the sports world, much has been made of the recent retirement of Packers QB Brett Favre.

As a big football fan, I’ve always admired Favre’s aggressive play and off-the-field modesty (although I could do without seeing his Wrangler jeans commercial for the billionth time).

Through his long career, I don’t think I ever heard a word about Favre’s Catholic faith. I guess his wife wrote a bit about it in her recent book about surviving cancer.

But I came across an unusual column by Joseph Kip Kosek, an assistant prof of American Studies at George Washington University. He writes that Favre is: “a peculiar Christian athlete whose career defies familiar evangelical optimism in favor of a darker, distinctly Catholic vision.”

In other words, Favre is no Kurt Warner. (If you don’t follow football and you don’t know who Warner is, forget the whole thing…)