A busy day

I won’t be around to post much today.

I have an appointment for an upcoming story about Christian Science. More to come on that in the next couple of weeks.

Then I’m heading to Monroe College’s New Rochelle campus to see culinary students learn how to make kosher salad dressing. Really, I am. This feature should make tomorrow’s Journal News/LoHud.

tjndc5-5kcgwa0×2dkc76ptc2a_layout.jpgAlso, my article about the Maryknoll priest who spent the past several years caring for AIDS patients at a Buddhist temple in Thailand — which I blogged about last week — should hit the paper and website in the next couple of days.

That is Father Michael Bassano, a truly amazing guy. He grew up in Binghamton and was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Syracuse. Then he heard a voice calling him to Maryknoll — literally — and started on a new journey as a missionary priest working with the poor, first in Chile and then in Thailand.

Bassano has become something of a celebrity in France, thanks to a photo exhibit there.

Now he’s on his way to Tanzania for his next 10-year assignment.

A missionary priest at rest (however briefly)

I’m heading to Maryknoll this morning to chat with Father Michael Bassano, a priest who recently concluded an acclaimed 10-year assignment in Thailand.

For the first few years, he lived and served in the slums of Bangkok. Then he cared for AIDS patients and others who were dying alone — without family or any other means of care.

9dfae5ee0fa3b9d9cbe325c6de218ee1.jpgHe did so in a Buddhist temple about an hour north of Bangkok.

Bassano grew up in Binghamton. Yesterday, I talked to someone who went to high school with him. She said that he was always a selfless person, someone who put others at ease.

She also said that he is extraordinarily happy and at peace, even more so after his time spent with the poorest of the poor, holding onto gravely ill people with no one else in the world.

I’ll be writing about Bassano in the Journal News/LoHud over the next few days. He’s leaving later this month for his next assignment in Tanzania.