A summertime revival in the country

I’m just back from CampWoods Grounds in Ossining, where a century ago thousands of Methodists and other Protestants would gather each summer to hear preachers and pray several times a day.

Imagine: They took a steam boat up from the city and then a trolley to Ossining. The men wore suits and the ladies long dresses. At the end of the day, they slept in tents or simple cottages.

Boy, they must have been hot.

I have before me a post card written in 1911 from the camp by Ethel A. Uhlson to Ellen Erickson in Wilmington, Del. She wrote: “How lovely this camp is. You can not imagine until you have been here.”

Another fellow wrote: “Dear wife, We arrived safe and having a good time. Henry”

It was a different time.

I’ll be writing more about CampWoods Grounds — including who lives there now — for LoHud/The Journal News over the next week or so.