African Americans are more religious

African Americans are more religious than other Americans, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has found.

No surprise, really. The “black church” has been a seminal institution in the black community since the days of slavery, offering spiritual and material sustenance through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the northern migration and on and on.

The Pew Forum has a very detailed breakdown HERE.

87% of African Americans belong to a religious group. 79% say that religion is very important in their lives (compared to 56% for all Americans).

Also, 88% are certain that God exists, 76% pray at least daily and 53% go to church at least once a week.

The church breakdown: 78% of African Americans are Protestants and 59% belong to the historically black churches. 5% are Catholic, 1% Jehovah’s Witness, 1% Muslim.

12% are unaffiliated (compared with 16% overall).

This is interesting: When it comes to politics, only 23% of African Americans describe themselves as liberal. 32% say they’re conservative, and 36% moderate.

46% of African Americans say homosexuality should be discouraged (compared to 40% overall).

Here are some findings on opposition to abortion (straight from the Pew Forum):