Looking for a seder?

The National Jewish Outreach Program, which tries to reel in unobservant Jews, is co-sponsoring “communal outreach” seders across the country.

Including two in Westchester.

Young Israel of New Rochelle will host FREE community seders (the plural is really sedarim) on Monday and Tuesday — the first two nights of Passover — at 8 p.m. each night.

The FLAME, a long-standing Jewish outreach group run by local Rabbi Mat Hoffman, will oversee the seders in New Rochelle.

You may remember that Hoffman, an Orthodox rabbi from New Rochelle, hosted High Holy Day services in 2006 inside a (kosher) Chinese restaurant.

For info: mhoffman@bartonesq.com.

There will also be a free community seder on Tuesday at 8:45 p.m. at the Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation.

For info: office@mkhc.org.

ADD: I should have mentioned that the Chabad Lubavitch have a website that locates open seders AROUND THE WORLD.

Enter your country, state, city and zip code and find a seder near you!

A crash course in Judaism (for Jews)

I’ve written before about Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder of the National Jewish Outreach Program.

He’s basically dedicated his life to bringing lapsed Jews back into the fold. The NJOP has started programs like Shabbat Across America and Read Hebrew America that have been tremendously successful, especially given the great obstacles that all outreach programs face.

That’s him at the Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation in 2007.

Tomorrow (March 18), Buchwald is beginning one of his “Crash Courses in Basic Judaism” at Young Israel of New Rochelle (1149 North Ave.).

It’s a FREE three-week program that will cover belief in God and prayer (tomorrow), the Sabbath and Jewish observance (March 25), and sexuality (April 1). All classes begin at 7:30 p.m.

New Rochelle is home to one of the fast-growing Jewish communities around, including a vibrant Orthodox community. But there are certainly plenty of unaffiliated or secular Jews around — and they are the folks that Buchwald hopes to reach.

The program is being offered in conjunction with the Westchester Jewish Connection, a new outreach program based at Young Israel of New Rochelle. I plan to write more about the Connection once I know more about it.

For info or to register: 646-871-4444.