Is a ‘progressive revival’ underway?

What a difference a few years make.

Four years ago, all we heard about was the evangelical takeover (of the GOP, if not the country). President Bush was remaking the country into some sort of Christianland. Liberals were joking (mostly) about leaving for Canada. Politically correct New Yorkers were mystified, if not afraid.

Today, the president’s approval ratings stink. An evangelical break-up is believed to be underway. A religiously serious (if theologically liberal) mainline Protestant is the Democratic presidential candidate. And Beliefnet has today unveiled a “Progressive Revival” blog.

What’s next?

bobandhhdl.jpgThe new Beliefnet blog features 29 prominent “progressive” religious voices as bloggers. You get Interfaith Alliance guru Welton Gaddy, leading Buddhists Robert Thurman (that’s him with the DL) and Lama Surya Das, peace activist Sister Joan Chittister, progressive evangelical Tony Campolo, fun-to-read academics like Randall Balmer and Susannah Heschel — and many more!

According to Beliefnet:

The Progressive Revival bloggers come from different religious traditions and often differ in perspectives, but all are dedicated to the revival of religious progressivism and its influence in American politics.

Maybe conservatives will start fleeing the country. But for where?