Rachel Ray’s PLO ties snipped by Dunkin’ Donuts

rachael_rayap03.jpgWhat’s wrong with this picture of food-related personality Rachel Ray pushing Dunkin’ Donuts coffee?

If you’re like me and you like hot coffee, you might wonder about that giant iced coffee she’s holding. Why do so many people drink cold coffee on purpose?

But if you’re like conservative news commentator Michelle Malkin, you might have zeroed in on Ray’s scarf, which resembles the keffiyeh that Yassir Arafat used to wear.

It’s terrorism!

After Fox News commentator Malkin protested Ray’s scarf, saying it symbolizes “murderous Palestinian jihad,” Dunkin’ said they’re pulling the ad.

“Absolutely no symbolism was intended,” a spokesman for the donut giant said — offering one of the most unambiguous statements ever offered by a spokesman.

Another blow in the War on Terror.

If you ever had one of Dunkin’s old egg sandwiches, cooked in a microwave, now that was terrorism…