Relax, it’s almost over

Here’s an election round-up for you:

horseracelarge1.gif* The Pew Research Center says that support for Obama is rising fast among white (non-Hispanic) Catholics — “taking him from a 13-percentage-point deficit in late September to an 8-point lead in late October. ”

* The Pew folks also say that McCain continues to be far ahead with white evangelicals, Obama is soaring with black Protestants and doing well with the religiously unaffiliated, and that white mainline Protestants are just about split.

* The Pew Forum’s John Green, the man on religion and politics, will hold a conference call with reporters to analyze the election at MIDNIGHT on Tuesday (you know, 12 a.m. on Wednesday). That’s dedication.

* Warren Cole Smith, editor and publisher of Evangelical Press News Service, writes that he got an email from Mike Huckabee that asks for $10 for Huck’s PAC in exchange for a “HUCK” bumper sticker. Has ‘ol Huck started his campaign for 2012 because he believes McCain has lost, Smith wonders (Smith thinks that Huckabee has gotten ahead of himself, as McCain lives).

* Beliefnet’s Steven Waldman offers his “Ten Faith Factors for Election Night,” which I’ll list here (for his full analysis, go there):

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