More on the recession

The Alban Institute, a non-profit educational group in Herndon, Va., that tries to support religious congregations, is offering an interesting selection of on-line “webinars” on subjects related to money.

Or the lack of it.

There’s “Talking about Money, Like it or Not.” “Stewardship in Lean Times.” “Staff Anxieties in a Changing Economy.”

And more, more, more.

There’s even “Being Ready for a Rebound,” which is described like this:


This webinar provides perspectives on the current economic recession that can help you and your congregation start now to prepare for your future, rather than just weathering the downturn and delaying your dreams for a better day.

Join us to hear the guidance of two well-known and highly respected church leaders about how congregations and denominations can be more vital after the economic crisis, than than they were even before it began.