Who can a ‘good Catholic’ vote for?

What percentage of Roman Catholics do you think would be unlikely to vote for a candidate with whom they agree on all issues — except abortion?

These are the people for whom abortion is the priority.

The answer, according to a new poll of Catholics by Le Moyne College in Syracuse, a Jesuit school, and Zogby International is…22 percent.

The poll also found that 44% of Catholics believe “a good Catholic” could not vote for a pro-choice candidate. But 53% say a good Catholic could vote for a pro-choice candidate.

Dr. Matt Loveland, a Le Moyne sociologist and a key player on the poll, said “In essence, less than a third of Catholic voters appear to vote solely on abortion attitudes, but those who do tend to favor ‘pro-life’ candidates.”

Loveland also says that most Catholics appear to side with Joe the Plumber over their church when it comes to “spreading the wealth” to support the poor. 38% of Catholics agree, somewhat or strongly, that government policies should favor the poorest over those in the middle and upper classes.

58% disagree. 4% undecided.

Oh yeah, the poll also shows Catholics favoring McCain over Obama, 44.7% to 41.9%.