Jews and the American Revolution

The Fraunces Tavern Museum in NYC will sponsor a guided walking tour of “The Jewish Community and the American Revolution” on Saturday (May 3) from 1 to 4 p.m.

2006_54_pearl_street_exhibit_image.jpgI spoke earlier today with the gentleman who will give the tour, James S. Kaplan, a lawyer from New Rochelle who also leads the museum’s annual 4th of July walking tour.

Saturday’s tour will explain and show the role of the tiny Jewish community in the American Revolution.

Kaplan told me that Jewish support for the Patriot cause influenced the religious freedom they later enjoyed.

“They were very strongly on the Patriot side,” he told me. “Washington and everyone knew it.”

Tickets are $15 or $10 for members. For info: 212-425-1778. The museum (the starting point) is at 54 Pearl St.