It’s ‘must-cast-out’ TV!

And I was looking for a good spooky post for Halloween…

The Toledo Blade has a story about an exorcist who is getting a “reality” TV show, starting tonight, on the Sci-Fi Channel.

bobpremier2.jpgThe “star” of The Real Exorcist is the Rev. Bob Larson, 63, who apparently has been casting out demons for 25 years.

He appears to be an evangelical exorcist. His website says he is the founding pastor of Spiritual Freedom Churches International, Inc.

The website says:

During his international travels he became interested in occult phenomenon, world religions, and alternative spirituality. He witnessed demonic possession first hand during the many religious rituals that he observed. He wondered whether demonic possession happened back in the United States and God began to show him that it did. People were constantly led to Bob who were demonized, and out of those encounters his ministry of exorcism and deliverance began.

Where does he get his demon-possessed clients?

They were chosen from among hundreds of responses to

Larson tells the Blade’s David Yonke that he simply goes about his demon-casting business and lets the TV people worry about the rest.

“My job is to do the exorcism — find the demon and get it out,” he said. “Their job was to make it look good for TV.”

The show premieres with four — count ’em, four — one-hour shows tonight, starting at 7 p.m.