The driver was drunk

A lot of people have asked soul-searching questions about last week’s nightmarish accident on the Taconic that took eight lives.

I thought I ought to mention that we now know that the mother who was driving the car the wrong way on the Taconic was drunk and had smoked marijuana.

Four children died. Three strangers from Yonkers. And the driver — Diane Schuler.

So now the questions we ask will be different ones; questions not about fate, but about individual responsibility.


Everyone around here this morning is talking about the same thing: yesterday’s mind-blowing, horrific, three-car accident on the Taconic that took eight lives, including of four children.

Everyone is stunned by the details, how a woman got on the Taconic in the wrong direction and drove more than a mile — with cars passing her, honking their horns — before she plowed into another vehicle.

Based on what was just said at a police press conference, the woman may well have been ill.

Other than digesting the details, what is there to say?


We all say why?

An editor asked me a bit ago if I should talk to clergy about how something like this could happen.

I don’t know. What could they say?