Timetable set to translate the Bible

Another interesting Bible-related note:

Wycliffe Bible Translators, a company that — you guessed it — translates the Bible, has started its Last Languages Campaign.

The goal is to start a Bible translation program by 2025 for the remaining one-third of the world’s language groups that don’t have a translated Bible.

According to Wycliffe:

The project will bring first-time access to literacy and the Bible for some 200 million people in approximately 2,400 language groups over the next 17 years. The effort is fueled by new strategies and high-tech translation techniques, developed by Wycliffe personnel, that accelerate the pace of language development and Bible translation by three times the pace of a decade ago.

Wycliffe is an international association of 6,400 people working for more than 70 affiliated organizations in 93 countries on six continents.

The group is named for John Wycliffe, a 14th-century Oxford scholar who first translated the Bible into English.

Photo: Courtesy of Wycliffe Bible Translators