This Tweeter follows no one

I just came across the Dalai Lama’s Twitter page.

Maybe it’s common knowledge that he has one, but I hadn’t seen it.

It’s really something — compact nuggets of Buddhist, but universal-sounding, wisdom.

4 minutes ago, we got this: “Genuine love should first be directed at oneself – if we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?”


On Monday: “We need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others.”

Saturday: “Because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence.”

Friday: “An affectionate disposition not only makes the mind more peaceful and calm, but it affects our body in a positive way too.”

I assume he writes them himself.

Does he dictate them to someone? Or tap them out on his own smartphone?

Who knows?

How many followers does he have? 1,278,372 at the moment. Not quite Ashton Kutcher numbers (6 million-plus), but not bad.

How many Tweeters does the Dalai Lama follow? Zero.

What would Calvin tweet?

I am now on Twitter.

You can find me at

Or to experienced Twitterers: @faithbeat.

Right now, my blog posts are going out as Tweets.

I expect to begin sending out other Tweets, once I figure out what and why. I mean, what makes sense?

For now — since I’ve been reading the words of John Calvin and talking to people about him — I find myself wondering: What could Calvin tweet?

How about this, from the Institutes of the Christian Religion:


man…inebriated with self-love, should thus be driven into a knowledge of himself, and a confession of his own imbecility and impurity


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