Beam me up, Shmuley

Can you believe that Capt. Kirk got roughed up by anti-Semitic bullies on his way to Hebrew School?

So says William Shatner, according to a Jewish Week interview promoting his new memoir, “Up Till Now.”

Now, I knew that Spock was Jewish (Leonard Nimoy, that is, not the character with the pointy ears). But I didn’t know that Kirk was, too.

shatner_kirk11_thumb.jpg“The mystique of being Jewish is something you wear as part of you, as though it were clothing,” Shatner tells the JW. “You don’t think about it, but when you do you feel like it’s nice to be a member of the club.”

Apparently, Shatner wanted the fifth Trek movie to be about a search for God — with an actual trip to hell to confront the devil. But studio honchos overruled.

I’ve never been able to watch an episode of Star Trek all the way through. But I’m sure that Trekkies have many elaborate theories on how Kirk and Spock’s Jewishness affected the show’s many deep and meaningful messages.

I’ll probably get a book about it dropped on my desk one of these days.