No, I wasn’t there, but you can watch Joel Osteen at the Stadium

Ugh. People keep asking me if I went to Yankee Stadium last Saturday to see Joel Osteen.

I interviewed him beforehand and wrote a preview of the big night, after all.

But I couldn’t go. Just too much going on that weekend.

Truth is, if I had known what kind of reaction I would get to the preview (a lot), I would have done whatever it took to get to the stadium.

Boy, people LOVE this guy.

I can tell you this: You can see much of the Yankee Stadium gig on YouTube right here.

And here is the beginning of Joel’s sermon:

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Eucharist desecrations back on YouTube

I got an email yesterday from a Catholic group praising YouTube for removing a series of videos showing the desecration of the Holy Eucharist.

But today the group — America Needs Fatima — is reporting the videos are back up on YouTube.

And indeed they are. I checked (but I did not watch them and will not link to them).

America Needs Fatima has a Web petition going to have the videos re-removed. Here’s what it says:

To YouTube:

18,201 people have respectfully petitioned you to remove the offensive videos showing the Holy Eucharist being desecrated posted on YouTube by user fsmdude, (even flushing one down a toilet).

These videos not only seem to violate YouTube hate policies, but should not be posted as they are offensive to God and demeaning to Catholics and the Roman Catholic faith.

Moreover, your pulling the videos on October 1, then reposting them seems to signal that you agree with these videos’ deep anti-Catholic bias. After all, it seems you have pulled videos with content offensive to Jews and Muslims.

It seems you removed a video showing the desecration of a Holocaust memorial and a trailer to a Dutch documentary that claims Islam inspires murder and terror.

But Catholic bashing seems to be acceptable.

I therefore vehemently protest your decision to give a platform for anti-Catholic bigotry. I will urge my friends and family to protest YouTube for as long as it takes, until you change this decision, and no longer facilitate blasphemous postings.