Dying TV ancher feels ‘the presence of Christ in the room’

I came across a story on CNN.com about a former TV sports anchor named Nick Charles.

I used to watch him and his partner Fred Hickman when CNN had a sports new network that competed with ESPN (before ESPN began solidifying its modern-day sports monopoly).

Can’t say that I knew anything about Charles. So I was surprised to see a photo of him looking old and weak and…sick.

It turns out that he found out in 2009 that he had incurable bladder cancer. He was given 4 to 20 months to live and is now at 21 months.

I point out the article because Charles talks a lot about mortality, lessons learned, family and a return to faith during the ’90s — thanks to his third wife.

He feels a strong divine presence in his life. He says of Jesus, “One time, he sat right with me on the bed.”

It’s a moving story with a few curveballs, including Charles ongoing friendship with Mike Tyson, who comes across as a real good guy and friend at crunchtime.

There is a section in the story where Charles talks about what his last week of life is likely to be like. Read it.