A book aimed at people with Jewish surnames

I’ve had five people over the past couple of weeks ask me about a book they received in the mail.

The book is called “They Thought for Themselves.” The sub-head is “Ten Amazing Jews.”

I got a copy, curious about who was sending it out and why. On the cover it says “Over a million copies in print”

It turns out that the book is about “Messianic Jews,” Jews who accepted Jesus as the messiah but seek to maintain their Jewish identity. It’s published by a guy named Sid Roth.

On his website, he has this note to “friends:” “We have found that many Jewish people have never examined the evidence of how to recognize the Messiah. Sending the book, They Thought for Themselves, is our way of presenting the opportunity to know the Messiah. We realize that not everyone will share our perspective. We acquire the names from list brokers and supporters and we will not share your address.”

So there is the answer to the question. I guess Roth somehow sends the book to people with Jewish-sounding names.

That’s a lot of printing costs, not to mention postage.

I wonder how many converts he’s helped convert…