The End of America

So I was listening to CBS radio, like I do most mornings, to check the weather (more snow) and the headlines.

I heard some sort of ad warning of…the END OF AMERICA.

I figured that some religious group was behind the high-priced, drive-time ad. Who warns of the end of things as much as religious groups?

So I wrote down the web address it asked listeners to check out — — and checked it out.

I was wrong. Again.

No religious themes or messages. Just an investment firm warning that America’s debt will soon cause the economy to collapse, leading to riots in the street and “shantytowns coming to your neighborhood.”

I actually read much of the long explanation and a lot of it was pretty darn scary.

At the end, though, you get a pitch to subscribe to certain investment materials, which will include a secret asset that everyone should own when the economy collapses and America ends.