A host of Jewish courses/conferences coming to Westchester

Jewish programming galore:

1. First off, the Westchester Jewish Council (formerly the Westchester Jewish Conference) is now running the Westchester Adult Jewish Education Project — 10-week courses on Jewish topics that are offered around the county.

Three tri-mesters between now and next June will offer classes on subjects like “Survey of Jewish-German history,” “Women’s Inclusion in Modern Judaism,” “Jewish Short Stories,” “Leviticus,” “The Rise of Zionism,” “Introduction to Jewish Mysticism,” “Israel: Conflicts and Contradictions,” “Why We Pray What We Pray” and more.

Good stuff.

I can’t find a single listing for all the courses on the WJC website, but you can look them up individually on the website calendar or contact Nina Lubin at waje@wjcouncil.org.

2. On Saturday, Nov. 13, the WJC and the Westchester Board of Rabbis will offer 30 different courses taught by 30 different Westchester rabbis on ONE NIGHT at Temple Israel Center of White Plains. It’s the “Chevruta-Night of Jewish Learning and Celebration.”

According to a release: “After 2 rounds of 45 minute classes, we will gather for a “Beit Cafe/Coffee House” featuring the music of the “Moody Jews” accompanied by the best kosher Chinese food, sushi, and drink you can find.  The event will take place at Temple Israel Center of White Plains with registration beginning at 7:00 pm.  The cost is $20 per person before Oct 31 and $25 thereafter.  Registration details will be announced next week.  Stay tuned and plan on attending with your friends (adults only please).”

The Moody Jews!

If I get more details, I’ll pass them along.

3. Also at Temple Israel Center, UJA-Federation of New York’s Westchester branch will bring together congregational leaders next Sunday (Oct. 24) to talk about…sharing resources.

If government can do it (well, talk about it), why not synagogues? Times are tough for everyone.

The goal of the SYNERGY program is to maximize resources. It will be interesting to see what congregational leaders come up with.

4. Finally, the WJC is also sponsoring a program on Oct. 21 about how Jewish families can measure support for Israel (or lack thereof) on college campuses when going through the college selection process.

According to a release: “The workshop is not designed to steer students towards or away from any particular school nor will the workshop evaluate the Israel tone of any one school.  Rather it will help students and their parents learn how to evaluate the school’s position and general tone towards Israel as part of the increasingly complex college selection process.”

The workshop will be at 7 p.m. at at the Solomon Schechter School in Hartsdale. Details are HERE.

Introducing…the Westchester Jewish Council

The Westchester Jewish Conference, a venerable consortium of synagogues and Jewish groups from across the county, has decided to rename itself.

The conference has become a council, the Westchester Jewish Council.

According to a statement: “The change was made to better reflect the Jewish community relations council function of the organization, and to bring the name into alignment with its 100 sister organizations nationwide.  This name change is the first step in a major new effort to more dynamically portray the organization in all communications and interactions with the community.”

Fair enough.

Council President Ronald E. Burton explains:  “We felt that WJC deserved a ‘larger’ name; the word ‘Council’ sounded good to us from the first time we tried it.   So far, the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive.  To me, it reflects this notion of well-intentioned people sitting around the table for the common good of the Westchester Jewish community – that’s not only the hope, but it’s also the expectation – it’s what we do.”

The group also notes that the word “conference” makes one think of a regular or semi-regular gathering of people, and the group is clearly more than that.

The WJC’s website, which does not yet reflect the new name, notes that the group was once known as the Jewish Community Relations Council of Westchester. So the new name is a return to the group’s roots.

But the WJC gets to keep its initials, which is always nice.